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the Island of Flowers in the Bay of Panama
... was first conceptualized in August 2002 and launched as an Internet website on 11 July 2003.  The purpose of the website is to attract attention to Isla Taboga as a destination for anyone visiting the Republic of Panama.

Promoting tourism on Isla Taboga is but one objective of the website.  For decades following the completion of the Panama Canal, Isla Taboga was reserved as a destination for the families of Canal administrators and US military personnel divested with the responsibility of ensuring the security of the Canal.  During the latter half of the 20th century, the island was frequented by an increasing number of Panamanians as a day trip destination.  As yet, tourism is in its infancy stage on Isla Taboga.

There is currently one hotel in operation and four restaurants.  The proprietors of these establishments, while operating their businesses in the highest standard, often do not have the traffic needed to attain just rewards for their efforts.  Promoting tourism will help these operations get the traffic they deserve.

In addition, promoting tourism opens a wide array of job opportunities for the island's people.  Isla Taboga's close proximity to Panama City, a major cosmopolitan center of Latin America, means the island will never be subject to the changing whims of the tourism industry.  Panamanians and visitors to Panama will always give in to the temptation to visit the island's shores, just as Southern Californians and its visitors make their way to beautiful Catalina Island.

Finally, tourism on Isla Taboga is and probably always will be purely island enterprises.  That is to say, all tourism related services on Isla Taboga will be owned by island people and staffed by island people.  Profits from these tourism enterprises and its spin-off industries will always remain on the island.
Aside from the prospects of promoting tourism on Isla Taboga, it is a major objective of this website to firmly establish pride on the island, pride of who Taboganos are, pride for the island and its beauty, pride for the past, the present, and the future of Isla Taboga.

Isla Taboga's present is rooted in a long history of events that helped shape the New World.  This website hopes to make that better known and hopes to establish the island as a destination for anyone seeking natural beauty, a calm and tranquil lifestyle, and easy living among gracious and hospitable people.

Welcome to Isla Taboga.

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