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Getting to Isla Taboga

Getting to Isla Taboga
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the Island of Flowers in the Bay of Panama

The above photo shows the island of Isla Morro just off the coast of Isla Taboga (circa 1920).
Today, the Calypso Queen, Calypso Princess and the Calypso King provide travel 
to Isla Taboga in modern and comfortable ships.

El Calypso
The Calypso Queen and the Calypso Princes are typical ferry boats. They both have two open but shaded decks with plenty of room for walking around and viewing the sea.  Feel free to stretch your arms wide in the breeze over the prow or converse with the ship's Captain at the wheel.  This photo was taken at the Isla Taboga Pier.

Travel Time: 45 minutes Adult Fare: $14 round trip
Children: $12 round trip
Retired: $12 round trip

Departs from the Causeway
Returns from Isla Taboga
Sat, Sun and Holidays 8:00am, 10:30am, 4:00pm
Sat, Sun and Holidays 9:00am, 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Mon and Fri 8:30am, 3:00pm
Mon and Fri 9:30am, 4:30pm
Tue, Wed, and Thu 8:30am
Tue, Wed, and Thu 4:30pm
the company requests you be at the pier one hour before departure
travel times are subject to change
Telephone: 011-507-314-1730 FAX 011-507-314-1729

The ferry ride to Isla Taboga is worth the trip ....
The Calypso ferries leave from Isla Naos on Amador Causeway, Panama's equivalent of Southern California's Santa Monica Blvd.  Taxi fare from Panama City to the Calypso dock is $7.00.  Whether departing for Isla Taboga or returning to Panama City, be sure to set aside some time for a casual stroll along the waters of the Panama Canal via the Amador Causeway, a pedestrian walkway popular for skaters, joggers, and walkers. There are also fine dining establishments to tempt your tastes and shopping boutiques to enhance your profile.

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